The simple basics of healthy cuisine for the whole family

The simple basics of healthy cuisine for the whole family, We all know that we should eat healthier - bombard us with messages that day and night, as if we could not say about our own health and waistlines expanding. One of the most easy to eat healthier ways is to cook for yourself, but sometimes find ways to easily dominate the healthy cuisine can be a bit of a task. Here are some ways take convert healthy family recipes in cooking recipes, as well as tips on how you can incorporate healthy eating into your daily life.

A fundamental mistake that many people make when it comes to healthy food for the first time that you try to recipes that they are too complicated for the average cook. To make recipes with little fat, take dishes you know and tries to replace or remove the ingredients to create a version low-fat - bread - FRY or Saute instead of frying, try cheese low fat or skim instead of whole milk. You can even "frying" chicken breaded with bread diapers with low content of fat and cooking in the oven with a little olive instead of vegetable oil or lard oil. Make these simple changes of healthy cuisine will give you more confidence in the kitchen and will allow you to diversify your activity and try the more complicated or new dishes to add to the Repertoire of low content of fat and healthy meals.

Another way to engage with the healthy kitchen is the practice of planning meals. Here is where you can plan your day and make sure you have your main meals and snacks designed, with healthy options available to you - either by bring items from home or by order strategic menu in restaurants. Thus not are dying of hunger in any meal time a particular and probably for the scrapping of the healthy eating habits and immerse yourself in a blowout in calories. It can always be bags of snacks with you - carrot sticks, or a handful of almonds out of trouble between the cooking times, so that when he goes to the kitchen you will be ready to maintain its commitment to the healthy kitchen.

Don't forget that the healthy cooking can be fun. The fact that vegetables are good for you does not mean that they have to know evil. Throw them in a sautéed with little fat for a quick and healthy meal of Asian inspiration, or try vegetarian tacos or wrapped instead of the traditional high fat content meat options. And you definitely don't have to skip dessert when the kick healthy cooking. Experiment with low content of fat recipes using natural such as honey or poached fruits or roasts sweeteners to create desserts rich flavor and satisfying.

And don't forget to get the family to participate in the healthy kitchen. The family that cooks together to eat together, since everyone has been involved in the process. Let children explore the low-fat and healthy recipes in cookbooks or on the web and buy and prepare food together, for a fun, family experience. Healthy kitchen does not have to be boring. You can taste great and be good for you also.

Making food Satiety Longer

Making food Satiety Longer, Make a list of food Satiety Longer - Yee, the month of fasting comes back. We should be happy welcoming full month's blessings and forgiveness. Upps, but what if later weak, hungry, lazy and others. Hmm, indeed most of us worrying about things like that that really is not necessary. Fasting has some important advantages in terms of both religious and medical. It has been proven through research conducted several world experts on the virtues of fasting according to the medical perspective. So what's to worry about?. If it's less fast food, continue to keep their activities, continue to feel hungry if for example how?. Hmm, okay deh then.

In fasting, we can maintain the condition of our bodies in many ways one of them is paying attention to food intake and the content contained therein. In addition to making our bodies healthy, there are also foods that make our stomach full longer. What are the foods that can make our stomach "solid" longer, including the following:

1. Eggs. 
Research indicated by Recearch Pennington Biomedical Center in Baton Rouge, LA, said that people with excess weight who ate eggs for breakfast they would make full longer. "Eggs are a perfect combination of protein and fat, so the eggs are more satisfying than other foods for breakfast," said Julie Kaye, MPH, RD, CDN, a dietitian in New York. According to Kaye, though egg yolks contain cholesterol, but not the main cause of high cholesterol dalamdarah. That way, the egg could be the right choice menu for Iftar and Suhoor because it will make us full longer.

2. Fruits that contain fat and fiber. 
One example is the avocado fruit. Avocado is a fruit that is delicious, rich in fiber and unsaturated fats are not harmful to the heart. According to Erin Palinski, author of the book Belly Fat Diet For Dummies, a diet rich in fiber and high in fat will take longer to digest so as to give a sense of satiety. For that, from now on, it does not hurt to eat fibrous fruits also contain high fat to prevent hunger come early especially when fasting.

3. Water. 
There are many reasons for the increasing consumption of water for the body. H2O is essential for maintaining the function of organs, joints, tissues in the body, and the digestive system. According to dietitian Elizabeth DeRobertis, water also can withstand hunger. In fact, one study showed that drinking two glasses of water before meals, reducing 75-90 calories than people who do not drink water at all.

4. Sup. 
Eating lots of soup reduce hunger. According to research conducted by Pennsylvania State University, women who eat low-calorie chicken and porridge for breakfast will reduce 100 calories on a portion of their lunch than women who started the day with breakfast chicken casserole. It is caused by high levels of water in the soup and fiber from vegetables contained therein. You can try this soup menu at dawn, so you will feel comfortable and no longer hungry while fasting.

Healthy food is food that has a balanced nutritious

Understanding Healthy food is food that has a balanced nutritious, contain fiber and nutrients that the body needs for growth and development process. Healthy diet should be like elemental nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and a little unsaturated fat, or rather abbreviated as 4 healthy 5 perfect menu.

The amount of chemicals and only have 1 or 2 content, so that your body will still lacks some very important substances, following label some foods that contain 4 healthy 5 perfect:

carbohydrates         : found in rice, wheat, cassava, etc.
protein                    : many found in tofu, tempeh, eggs, meat, etc.
minerals                  : abundant in vegetables
vitamin                    : abundant in fruits

Purpose of eating is healthy for our bodies to keep our body stay healthy, grow, and develop well. Healthy and nutritionally balanced meals does not mean the food was expensive and tasty. Healthy food by nutritionists contains four kinds of foods, namely: basic food, side dishes, vegetables and fruits

Key Food
Staple foods contain a lot of carbohydrates (starch). Misalnyal rice, corn, bread, cassava and sago. Carbohydrates are needed by the body for fuel. Of these energy sources, we can do all the activities or activities. Thus, the powerful body that every day we should eat enough carbohydrates that can be extracted from rice, bread, corn, cassava, and sago.

Side dishes 
The side dishes contain lots of protein and fat that is used to build the body and replace the damaged cells. Examples are included in the side dishes are meat, fish, chicken, eggs, tempeh, tofu, and others.

Vegetables and Fruit
Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are needed by the body to keep the body and not susceptible to disease. Examples of vegetables are spinach, kale, carrots, and others.

eg: mango, heruk, papaya, and banana. For that, every day we need to eat vegetables and fruit.

Thus, for our bodies to stay healthy we need to consume four types of food every day. Do not forget to add milk to your healthy diet. Four types of food and milk plus what is called healthy foods, commonly known as "four of five perfectly healthy".